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Why did Kyrgios get upset But watch the 27-year-old on the tennis court in the midst of a tense match and you would often find him screaming at his box, which is filled with those closest to him. During the Wimbledon final, Kyrgios was repeatedly seen lash out at his box for what he thought was not enough support during critical moments."It's live sport.” The Australian playing in his first-ever Grand Slam final was not happy with one fan, who he claimed had "about 700 drinks" and needed to be removed from the arena. “It shouldn't be coming down to your opinion," Kyrgios told the umpire. "It's distracting me when I am serving in a Wimbledon final.Kyrgios, well known for his outbursts, complained to the umpire during his match against Novak Djokovic in July, saying that the fan had been talking to him during points. Asked by the umpire to identify the fan, Kyrgios said: "The one with the dress, the one who looks like she's had about 700 drinks, bro!"

Nick Kyrgios admitted to spitting in the direction of an abusive fan as he gave an explosive post-match press conference on Tuesday. Kyrgios criticised abusive Wimbledon fans and questioned the age of the line judges after reaching the second round with a 3-6 6-1 7-5 6-7 (3-7) 7-5 victory over British No 8 Paul Jubb.

Why did Kyrgios shout at his team

Kyrgios: Drunk fan didn't cost me a game After Kyrgios took the first set, Djokovic then increased his level and as a few mistakes came off Kyrgios' racket, he became increasingly frustrated by the reaction from his family and friends in his Player Box, regularly shouting up at them.

Why was Kyrgios yelling at his team

Aussie tennis great Rennae Stubbs has torched Nick Kyrgios for his relentless abuse of the team members sitting in his player box during the Wimbledon final. Kyrgios regularly fumed at his team during a four-set defeat against Novak Djokovic that became uncomfortable for viewers and the crowd seated at centre court.During a changeover i n his match against Novak Djokovic, Kyrgios complained to the umpire that a spectator was distracting him while he was serving, saying she was intoxicated and that she should be removed from the stands.“It was not the first thing on my mind walking after the match, saying, 'Damn, will not be the World No. 1 any more,'” Medvedev said.

Who are the people in Kyrgios box

Kyrgios said he saw three or four different psychologists and sought professional help but it was not pushing his friends and family away that helped him the most. In his box are father Giorgos, sister Halimah, manager Daniel Horsfall, physiotherapist Will Maher and girlfriend Costeen Hatzi. The pair have previously had a frosty relationship, but Novak Djokovic accepts the relationship he shares with Wimbledon final opponent Nick Kyrgios is better than ever before, even if he stopped short of calling it a 'bromance'.The saying comes from The Dark Knight and was said by The Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger. The tattoo becomes the latest in a long line for Kyrgios, who showcased his right arm sleeve with a tribute to basketball. It featured a tribute to Kobe Bryant alongside LeBron James and an ode to Michael Jordan's nikes.Nick Kyrgios doesn't like the smell of marijuana During what turned out to be a US Open second round victory for Nick Kyrgios, the outspoken Australian had some complaints about the air quality inside the stadium in New York on Wednesday.

Despite his rise to stardom, Kyrgios faces a personal battle with depression, self-harm, bipolar disorder and alcohol abuse.

“You just have to be a mental animal to win a Grand Slam. Novak, Federer, and Nadal, I think I give them a bit more respect now,” Kyrgios added.

Who is Kyrgios yelling at all the time

The former Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open doubles champion branded the 27-year-old's behaviour 'constant abuse' and 'beyond ridiculous' after he repeatedly screamed at the people in his player's box - including girlfriend Costeen Hatzi and his sister Halimah - during his four-set defeat.Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has been ordered to appear before an Australian court next month in a case filed against him for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend last year, a development that comes just ahead of the mercurial player's first quarterfinal appearance at Wimbledon since his stunning debut at ...

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